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March 08, 2007


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Marsha Rea

I'm sorry we didn't connect before you left... sounds like a marvelous adventure, and we look forward to sharing it with you. I will pass info to Mother & Roy, they are very interested in your travels, and really enjoyed your recent visit! I hope you'll have time to do some surfing at Bondi Beach and/or get up the coast to the barrier islands for some diving on the reef... it's so very beautiful!

Ron Clausen

Greetings from the (now sunny) Bay Area, you two globe-trotting travellers! Glad that you arrived safely in the land of Koowies and hope that you enjoy your travels as much as we will now be vicariously enjoying them--blogging, you say, a capital idea!



Kathy Clausen

You left without me!!!???!! My bags were packed and ready to go. Hope you two have a wonderful trip. Send pictures and notes. Look forward to reading the "blogs".

Take care!

Roy Jensen

Enjoying following your trip from the comfort of sunny Montecito. Keep updating us with the new pictures, we are checking in on you each day. You are missing a beautiful spring in Santa Barbara but know you are having fun.

Best regards,
Roy & Gibby

Joan Arkut

Hello Judy & Brian,

Sounds like you are having the cruise of a lifetime! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible adventures. It's obvious you are working while sailing - your website is wonderful and the result of your tremendous effort. When do you find time for R & R?

How I wish I could be with you!

Warmest regards,

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